#1 Streams

“Every thing must have a beginning, and that beginning must be linked to something that went before.”

Preface to Frankenstein by Mary Shelley ( 1818 )

Not in vain do rivers run in the dry. Yet how? Namely, they are to be to language. A sign is needed, Nothing else, plain and simple, so that sun and moon may be borne in mind, inseperable, and pass on, day and night too, and the heavenly feel themselves warm by one another.


Rioni is the primary river in the Racha region of Georgia. It drains the western Transcaucasus into the Black Sea, while its sister river, the Kura, drains the eastern Transcaucasus into the Caspian Sea. Rioni is the longest river within Georgia’s borders and originates on the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains north of the city of Oni.

Rioni passes the village of Sori where main activities linked to Onis Skola will take place. The river is as rivers favor to be, nutritious and treacherous at the same time. For rivers make arable the land and floods offer humans the craving for life.